Our Candles

We pride ourselves on using the most environmentally sustainable ingredients within a economically conscious budget from our all-natural wax to our eco-friendly wooden wicks. ML Dynasty offers three tiers of candles. 

Minis are the best friend you never expected to have! These fun-sized mini tins are perfect for fragrance samplers, party favors, and even traveling on the go. This mobile companion is the least delicate of the group, but travels with you in style. Please contact us for options on custom labels and bulk orders for your next event.

Everyday Candles are our sleek and simple product. Balance your energy with this coconut-soy wax blend. We’ve specifically chosen fragrances that we thought would be best to start and end the day with so that you will never think twice about burning this candle EVERYDAY!

Dynasty Select is a more decorative piece. We offer a regal clear or colored base jar with a glass cover. This cover is used to extinguish the flame of the candle without having to blow it out, which could likely cause black soot to mix in with the wax. Hand poured in Houston, TX with an all natural coconut-soy blend wax and a cotton wick, this stylish candle is our pride and joy.

Help the Planet ML Dynasty wants to encourage our consumers to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Our jars can be repurposed, for example, as flower planters, makeup brush holders, or even a piggy bank. Please feel free to tag us and use the hashtag #MLRepurposed to share your creative ideas of how you’ve use our vessels.

Refill Option Our local customers of Houston, TX and surrounding areas will be encouraged to purchase our refill option. When you schedule a pick up for your used vessel to be refilled, ML Dynasty will clean and re-pour a new candle with the fragrance of you preference for half price!