About Us

ML Dynasty is determined to help our consumers create a space that is the most stylish and comfortable. A space that looks fun, relaxes and inspires. Your home is where you begin and end your day which makes it the most significant place to be. Whether you want to entertain, create, or just live in your environment, we would like to provide pieces that will assist in doing that.

ML Dynasty was started in Houston, TX in 2019. Our main focus is candles for the time being, but we do plan to provide uniquely polished apparel and health/beauty products in the future. We believe the things you surround yourself with in your home or favorite place should make you happy and it would our pleasure to supply that for you.

ML Dynasty’s biggest inspiration is the water lily. It is a symbol of beauty in adversity. This wonderful flower is the finished product of what was once a seed from dark and humble beginnings. The seeds sinks down into the water and is covered by the dirt and mud. This resilient seed uses every resource and nutrient salvageable to build strength and rise to the top of the pond and bloom. This hard working flower is rarely used in arrangements and bouquets for it is a stand alone beauty.